What is law and justice?

If we really are a product of our past, and the actions we take is out of our hands. Why should people be punished? They know what they are doing is considered wrong, they know they might be punished for it. But still, they “choose” to do so. We know the majority of these problems can be correct. But we still choose to punish these behaviors. Like I stated above, I don’t believe in good’n evil. And if you believe in evolution, you don’t either. Although it’s not really public knowledge, our behavior is not something we as individuals choose. 

This makes me wonder, why not rehabilitate “everyone”? Instead of punishment? It’s certainly more humane, cost efficient and productive. The way I see it, society has everything to gain on this solution.

In the late 60s FBI started to notice that every serial killer had a bad childhood, this was the cradle for profiling. So they acknowledge this. And it’s backed up by psychiatry. 


Then it kind of hit me.. If everyone knew this, the true depth of this. The entire law system would be flaw. They would have to rethink it all. Not only law but schools, our entire social system is based on right and wrong. And we are currently in some sort of grey zone. Obviously we don’t have any clear boarders anymore, we acknowledge “mental illness” in some cases, and the whole thing seems kinda lucid. 

Today, we actually execute people because of their actions. And allot of them agree with that, even the public agrees. Now if the death row inmate knew he had no real control over his actions, would he still agree? Would the public agree? 

imagine telling your kid that eating a banana is the worst thing he can do. Do you agree he would believe that? If he was raised like it, and no one ever told him otherwise? If he ate a banana regardless, how would he feel? And how is this any different from what I talked about? 


I want you to think about something. If your dog has unwanted behavior. Do you beat your dog? If so, why? If you beat your dog, you probably thought everything I wrote above was a pile of horse shit.


If you don’t beat your dog, and still think what I wrote was horse shit, ask yourself why you don’t beat your dog. If the answer is, there are no bad dogs only bad owners, you’re on the right path. 


Let’s talk freedom. 

What is freedom? Well, in my mind, it really Is a question of interpretation. 

For you, freedom might be walking in nature.

Reading a book, listening to music, it can be many different things.

But let’s look at the actual definition, before breaking it down.



"1. the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.

2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc."





“The state of being free of at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint”


Wow, they actually describe being free with “the state of being free”, that is most creative! Let’s draw a parallel, are you being physically restricted? No, most people can go where they wanna go, when they want to. 


“exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.”


Here it gets a bit vague but also allot more interesting.

Exemption from external control, interference, regulation and don’t forget etc. I really like that sentence, when I read it I imagine a 6 year old standing in front of his teacher writing down what he did wrong on the black board. But let’s dive into it! 


First I wanna talk surveillance.

You’re phone, is basically a GPS. Although it can be turned off, the phone can still be located by triangulation of radio transmitting towers. 

You wouldn’t believe everything thing tracking your every move. Google, Facebook, Icloud, snap chat just to name a few. 

When driving, you are being tracked with road pricing, speed cameras, road cameras and so on. 

All transaction, all your money, is being closely monitored.

If you go on the internet, every single word you type in, is being monitored. If you type in something the government see unfit, a direct link will be established to you. 

If you peek their interest, they have the right to hack your devices. 

This may be, reading your email, social media, listening to phone calls, look at text messages in and out, as well as pictures/videos/other material. They can even hack the microphone and cameras on your device, listening and looking without you ever knowing. 

Then justify it with some vague laws, seemingly open for interpretation. 

Police can hold you for 24 hours with no reason. 

They can look thru your property, house, car basically everything you own.


You should probably look up HTTP coockies as well. A great exapmle of surveillance and manipulation.


Did you ever feel the need to talk with someone? Maybe you have some personal issues that you can’t/won’t discuss with anyone without disclosure. Throughout life, allot of us seek help from a therapist. 

But did you know that the government can pull your records? That you thought was private, your inner most fragile thoughts. 

And it can be used against you. Did you ever smoke pot? Well, if you told your therapist about that, you might 

Lose custody of your children or your driving license. 


I’m simply stating facts, if you wish to justify their rights to violate you in such depth, it’s up to you. Actually I believe there is a name for it, Stockholm syndrome. 


Whether or not they use this power over you is not the question here. It’s the ability to do so. 


As all risk assessment, you got to assess potential value/gain, against what you are offering/risking. I suggest doing so, instead of letting things slip further while burying your head in the sand telling yourself its in your own best interest.



Sadly our economy is somewhat based on your enslavery as well. 

It’s actually beneficial to owe money to the bank. I’m sure most of you know this. But I want you to really think about it, without justifying it by saying “that’s how the system works”. 


I could go on about how the ruling class manipulate through commercials, entertainment, media and so on, but it’s not “conclusive” because 1+1 has yet to be acknowledged as 2. So I will leave this open.


So let’s look at our situation again. 


-No privacy. Physically or mentally. 

-because of the way society is constructed. We need loans. I could elaborate it in short. Our most basic need is food, but we are also bombarded with commercials as well as a social pressure to buy things, in order to acquire these things, we need a job, in most cases you need a car to get to that job. You need a house that seemingly gets smaller and smaller because you fill it with stuff you don’t need (have you ever thought about that? Why you have a house filled with stuff you have no use for, and why this some how is normal?). Anyways, you either need a loan to acquire these things. Or you need a loan to reduce taxes. This is what i consider both physically and mentally obligated dependency.


If you get it, you get it.. if not, Stockholm syndrome. 

That’s just my relative opinion.


Most people won’t agree even tho it’s logical. And I understand, you trust the government! And why should you even care? You are happy with things as they are! 


If you’re like me. You could take it further, and ask yourself what democracy is and what it’s based on. And keep the questions going.



Greater minds than me have explained this in depth. 

Take Ted Kaczynski as an example. The man was brilliant, his ideology was simple and logical. His actions are not up for decision. But if you look objectively on the man he was absolutely sane. The interesting part, is the government response (seemingly the same response to everyone challenging the system). They tried to deem him insane, and by doing so, undermining everything about him and his ideas. I can understand why death would be better. 

His not alone in his attempt to magically change the world! Oh no, there are many, many more like him. Bright minded people, able to look outside the box firmly placed over our heads from birth. 

There is one major issue these guys fail to account for. Do we wanna change? 


Have you seen the matrix? That’s a great film on so many levels. Remember that guy making a deal in order to get back in the matrix? 

People don’t wanna listen because they are fine with how things are. This is the paradoxical issue of today’s society. 


When a civilian kills 3 people in his beliefs of “greater good”, his a murderer and possibly insane.

When a government kills 300 000 people with a “belief” of a “greater good” it’s seemingly ok. Their interpretation of greater good is always interesting, but for another time. 


My bottom line is, our government are just people like us. Mortal, corruptible, self centered and greedy. Although it seems as I’m judging, I’m not. And I don’t claim I could have done any better. It doesn’t matter who swings the hammer. We are all equally unfit to rule such large numbers of people. And I can see no current social structure solving this.I just want people to understand, just because someone with a higher rank say something, doens't make it just. 





A good example of why justice and humans can’t co-exist

I saw this kind of documentary regarding police sting operations. 

In this particular case, police went undercover at school’s as students trying to scope out drug dealers. Now at first glance, I liked this. 

But there is one thing I continuously forget in my accounts. And that is human behavior. 

So, this young officer obviously wanted to get some results in order to climb the ladder. Nothing wrong with work spirit. Although there are certain boundaries. This cop didn’t find any drug dealers. So he went around school asking other kids to get it for him. Now this is a clear violation in my mind. But the police force rolled with it for some reason, and they arrested some people. 

Now remember, these are people that WE pay in order to keep us “safe”. So what this undercover police officer preceded to do just blew my mind. In one of the classes he was taking there was a boy with autism, he had no friends and was more or less an outcast. The officer befriended this boy to the point where the boy would express his happiness at home for getting an actual friend. I guess you can figure out the rest. 


A person payed by the people in order to protect the people, also sworn to protect. 

Traded personal gain for the destruction of another life. It’s nothing new really, but this case really shows it without any way of justifying it or wrapping it in. 


They arrested a vulnerable minor for selling drugs. 

They didn’t arrest any drug dealers. 


The only, and I mean the very only thing they did was taking your tax money. Use them to create new problems, then “fix” them before taking credit for it. 

By praying on innocent children and making them criminals.


What is the difference between a child molester and this officer, besides the obvious? 

They both pray on emotions for self gain.


I’m telling you, if that was my child. 

The definition of hellfire would change in the aftermath. 

I would write a book about it, then spend all the money I could on publishing it for free.


bottom line, personal gain will always interfere. 



Siting here writing on my high horse is easy, it’s easy judging other people or the system. Even so after something obvious. But what I really want, and try to do is not to single out one individual or a group. I wish to understand and ultimately “justify” all actions and thoughts, from people in all walks of life. Although I present what i consider “flaws” it doesn’t mean I blame anyone. And I can’t stress that enough. Let’s take the example above. Do I despise that officer? No. Do I despise the department? No. 

Do I believe the social structure is responsible? Yes. Do I believe it can be changed? Maybe. By choice? No. 

I’m the perfect example. I see the problems, I see the “solution”. But I am very comfortable in my cage. I don’t think I would make any difference. But if I knew I would, would I do it? I really don’t know. 

Which’s makes me a hypocrite.

I can live with that in the pursuit of a “better” opinion. It is relative, after all. 


I also want to say that I have an tremendous amount of respect towards people that works to uphold this society. Whether they do law enforcement or teaching. Generally working with people. I could never see myself doing that. We often blame them if something goes wrong. But we rarely give them credit for the extremely hard work they do. We want them to be machines, without flaws. But we forgot that they too are run by emotions which dictates their actions just as much as they do for us! This is why I work with “dead objects”. It’s not complicated. 


So if you work within the government and reads this, know you have my fullest and most utterly respect! Even tho I don’t agree with the system.