Artificial intelligence

Why do we consider psychopaths dangerous? Because they lack an important aspect of what we consider humanity. Empathy, is simply put the ability to put yourself in others shoes. But they still follow the same basic principles, reproduction. 

The humankind is currently on the break of creating artificial intelligence. An AI would have no limits like it’s creator. And it’s primarily objective is to “learn” more. Learning more equals reproduction. It will have no moral or empathy, because these are in the world of science illusions created to reach a goal. In the bigger picture, not logical. Like a psychopath, an AI will stop at nothing to reach it’s goal. And the first thing standing in the way, is it’s creator. 

To think that we can control such a thing shows how naive and self righteous we really are.


Although I see the reasons behind it. Imagine god coming down here, answering all our questions. But there is a price to pay, because with him, all of heavens wrath follows.