Humans change with every interaction. There are millions of different interactions every day, being channeled through our senses. Some are noticeable, others combine to the bigger picture. This is the complexity of the human mind. We are an object that change when interacting with anything, literally. We are born more or less equal, or with the potential to be equal. But we are not born blank. We are hardwired with instincts and some personality traits through DNA. This gives us certain rules to follow. During influence we can clearly see these rules manifesting in another form, the rules are adaptive and can be twisted and bent discarding it’s original form, this is a sort of relativity dilemma. The mind can break these rules in order to uphold them. That means, if you believe, truly believe, then it’s true. Our basic instincts tells us primarily to reproduce. And that is a big categoury! 



Now think about that for a second, we are hardwired from birth to reproduce. Why is the birth rate in western society going down? Some never reproduce. 

Within the category of reproduction there are allot of underlines. In order to reproduce you must survive, in order to survive you must have a pack, in order to be in a pack, you must be accepted, in order to find a mate and reproduce, you must stand out thus strive for higher acceptance. 

Now this is where the rule breaking comes into play. In order to be accepted you need the same ideology and values as the group. 

If this ideology and values overrule our instincts, we will “choose” to do so. This, this is what we call free will. The social system is extremely complex. We had/have millions of packs with slightly to moderate different ideology and values. Our mind will adapt these creating different opinions. One thing may be true for one pack but a lie for another. We not only seek the acceptance, we are wired to adapt it. We are capable of unbelievable cruelty, based on our influence, with some exceptions. But this is not cruelty in the eyes of the doer. You could argue that revenge is a strong driving force. But what is revenge? It’s justice. Justice is another factor in reproduction. And as I said before, as long as you believe it’s the truth, then it is the truth. The influence conducted on you will give you an “independent” moral and it might overrule a more general moral depending on how strongly you believe it. 

Example: A kid is raised to believe that blowing himself up, is not only the right thing to do, but also the ultimate good deed. Now, is he evil? 

Is he a bad person? 

In general, yes, this interferes with our morale beliefs.

Objectively, no, he is no different from anyone else, simply a “victim” from influence. 


What is interesting, is that after the industrial age, we are creating super herds. Containing millions, maybe billions, slowly steering in the same direction. Same beliefs, same moral, same mentality, same thoughts. This is very very dangerous in my opinion. Psychology is being used more and more frequently targeting these large herds. You could call this brainwashing, but we don’t have to call it that, since the first thing you think about is conspiracy, which is nuts, right? Right?? I mean who would gain anything on controlling the minds of millions of people? 

You can see it absolutely everywhere, commercial, news, education system, celebrities, fashion, the list goes on and on. And it spreads like wildfire, through other platforms like social media. Now when a new idea is spread out, it’s like a snowball effect. The larger the crowd, the larger the individual pressure to follow and adapt. 

We have gone from worrying about getting food to having psychological issues based on our appearance and facade. 

Kids as young as 12-13 years old thinks about, and commit suicide. 

This is another misconception  about free will. When it’s really about our individual reality, as I stated above, if you believe something, then it’s the truth. 

Now, we kill our selfs, because we believe there is no place for us. Because we don’t fit in. Because in our mind life is truly meaningless, if we can’t “reproduce”.

how that manifest is up to influence. 

As I also stated, we are hardwired with some personality traits, if these don’t fit the general opinion, and there are no other herds for you, because these super herds are created. You are left with no options. You wonder why people join terrorist groups? Maybe people from your own country? With seemingly no ties to these beliefs. 

Well, now you know. If someone can’t find a place in the super herd, they WILL seek out a pack that accepts them, and when groups targets such individuals, it’s like magnets attracting each other.

After pushing them out of our pack we crossify them for their actions. This, is what we call hypocrisy. 

And it’s just one (maybe a bit extreme) example of how society works. 

I can’t predict the future, but I don’t think it looks good. And I find myself struggling with a new dilemma, how can I raise a kid in this mess. How would I explain this. 

Why should I reproduce only to witness the distinction of my offspring. 


These are strange times indeed


Forgiveness, what is it really? As my thoughts ran around, I couldn’t find an accurate answer to it. 

If you say “I forgive you”. What do you mean by that? 

I know what I mean when I say it. “It’s ok, I will try forgetting it”. So, is that forgive or forget? 

Well, it sound allot like forgetting to me! So, it got me thinking how can I give true forgiveness?


Let’s say someone bully me at school, pushing me, beating me, verbally abuse me. 

Now I tell the teacher or some other authority about the situation, and we are both called into the principals office. You know how it goes, sorry, forgiving, shaking hands... blablabla. 

After leaving the office I basically said “it’s ok, let’s move on”. Even tho I might hold some grudges. 

So this is the kind of image I have on forgiveness. 


But hold on! 

School is over, the bell rings and everyone rushes out! 

I walk over to my bike that is chained in front of the parking lot. Behind my back I hear an adult screaming and swearing. I turn around and see some guy hitting and screaming to a kid. The kid is just standing there looking down, before getting into the car. 

Turns out, it’s the same kid that bullied me and his dad was picking him up after school. 


On my way home all of these events emerge. I have a loving family, non of them had ever treated me like that, ever. Even tho I had done stupid things myself. This makes me realize why he bullied me. I even felt sorry for him. My grudges disappeared. 


If I hadn’t seen what I saw. My forgiveness would have been forgetting. 


You could simplify it, like I did in this example. Or you could complicate it with more factors and a bigger equation. But ultimately, would the outcome be any different?


So my question to you is, can you forgive without understanding? 


Or will you simply forget.