I decided to call the site "Relativeopinion", because that's what it is. My relative opinion.

Although my opinions seems logical to me, it doesn't have to be true. 

When i look at the world, i see so many different opinions. Allot of them seems irreational, but i'm sure they believe it just as much as i believe my opinons to be true. By acknowledgeing this i have no other choise than to only assume and never conclude. Leaving my mind open and my assumptions with a shred of doubt. If you find yourself questioning my sanity, good! I want you to think about why and how that struck your mind. Then i want you to step by step explain why before coming up with a conclusion. If there are gaps in your equation and you still disagree with me, leave it at that. 

If you end up with a firm explanation, please let me know! 



Trying to find my way

I think allot of us are trying to find solid ground, trying to figure out who we really are, where we’re going, what we stand for and what we take distance from. Some of us just go with the flow, settle down, start a family, live their lives and die. And that’s ok, in fact I sometimes envy it.

But others can’t shake it, shake the feeling that something is wrong, fundamentally. It’s just this deep feeling in the gut. And while others grow up quit asking questions, some never accept the answers given. Even tho they grow up, the questions keep surfacing, seemingly the same way. 

Personally, I never accepted an answer that ended with “That’s just how it is”. And this is usually where you end up if you keep asking. Other people base much of their knowledge and understand on “that’s just how it is”. I like to call this the X-Factor. 

Growing up the X-Factor is ever present, in fact it still is in everything you learn.

When information like this is presented to me, I have a real hard time making it stick. 

Example: 2+3+X=10. Now we know the answer is 10 therefore X must equal 5.

In my mind, this is not logical. If it is to you, I believe you belong to the first category. 

This is what I consider “dry” information. 

In order for me to understand something, I need the equation not the answer.

The earliest memory I can recall from this was around 6th or 7th grade. 

We had math homework, and it was about percentage or chance. 

The question was something similar: 

You have a pack of m&m, which contains 10 brown, 10 red and 10 yellow. 

What is the chance of picking a yellow m&m with a blindfold? 

I remember sitting there for the longest time, thinking about the question. 

After a while I thought to my self, how in the world can I predict that? 

1+1 is logical, chance is not. 

I’m sorry, that I’m not capable of explaining my thoughts further. 

Next episode I recall very well was 8th grade, it was science and we were learning about the photosynthesis. I have always loved science and physics, so I asked allot of questions. 

After the teacher was done explaining, I asked what was happening when the sun hit the leaves. 

“I don’t know, that’s just how it is”. 

I seemingly ended up with that answer every time something caught my attention. 

School was already a big “problem” because the syllabus mostly consisted of dry facts. 

Now it was all dry facts, nothing seemingly made any sense.






The universe

Distance is not measured with km because of the vastness in the universe. That would be like trading after world war 1 in Germany.




Yes, that’s people weighing money instead of

counting it. (Germany after ww1)




Instead light is used as a reference, light travels at close to 300 000 000 meters pr second.

So one light year equals about 9,5 trillion kilometers or 5,9 trillion miles.

That means a sun can blow up in another solar system, then 1 week later you would be able to see it. After all visual is based on light, therefor time can be relative.

I know that’s pretty hard to comprehend, but its not my point here. let’s move on.


This is the “observable” universe.


Take notice, 46 BILLION light years. Try converting that on your calculator without blowing it up. 




These light you see doesn’t even represent one galaxy. Within that yellow circle it’s estimated that there is between 1-2 trillion galaxies. Just let that sink in for a minute before you keep scrolling.



This is our galaxy, the milky way. Its estimated to contain around 100-400 billion starts/suns.

And at least 100 billion planets. Diameter between 100 000 to 180 000 light years.







 Within the milky way we have our solar system, with a relative small star/sun.

Our solar system has a diameter of 5,913,520,000 km if you consider Pluto to be the “end”.




This is a size comparison.



This is the earth with our moon orbiting.




It’s not conclusive but there is an estimated 1 trillion species on earth. It’s “impossible” to even give an estimate on how many living entities there are. And if there were, we wouldn’t understand the number anyway.


Humans dominate the earth, at least that’s what we like to think. Our population is currently around 7,6 billion.



This is a picture from the Metallica concert in Russia, with ruffly 1,4 million participants.

Can you even see one face?

If you multiply this mass with 5500 you get our population.






If this is a picture of the universe, you represent the black spot in the middle.

Although you might feel insignificant, the universe can’t function without you.


No matter how small the cog is, it will stop the watch if removed. Its quite literally the same with the universe and you.

Peronally, i find it verry strange. There is this unbelieveable vastness around me, but my world is still orbitting me.